Columbia Road Project


Columbia Road Project (Highland Drive in Cedarburg to 600’ West of 1st Ave in Grafton)

This project will be managed by the Town of Cedarburg.

The existing three-lane two-way left-turn lane cross-section with no pedestrian facilities will be modified to a two-lane undivided cross-section with paved shoulders and concrete sidewalks and curb & gutter on the north side of the roadway.  The sidewalk will connect the sidewalks of the City of Cedarburg and the Village of Grafton along Columbia Road.  The project will recycle the concrete pavement underlying Columbia Road, from Keup Road to the east project limits, by rubblizing and overlaying the recycled concrete pavement with new asphalt.

Local traffic will continue to have access to the properties and businesses, but all through traffic will be detoured around the project.  The detour route will be provided via Keup Road to Highland Drive to 1st Avenue and vice versa.

There is another phase of the project which includes a 3-inch mill and overlay of the asphalt with new pavement markings on Columbia Road from Keup Road to Highland Drive in the City of Cedarburg.  This phase of the project will be constructed under traffic. 

The estimated start date for the project is June 1, 2023, and the scheduled completion date is October 15, 2023.