Common Council

The City of Cedarburg, located in Ozaukee County, operates under the laws of the State of Wisconsin as a fourth class city. Its Mayor/Council government format includes a City Administrator, appointed by the Council, to direct and coordinate operations and services.

Mission Statement

The City of Cedarburg seeks to preserve its historic, “small town” atmosphere and quality of life while balancing the desires of our community by delivering high quality programs and services in a fiscally responsible manner.

Vision Statement

To be a safe and welcoming city with a vibrant small-town atmosphere that values its historic character while actively embracing a bright future.

Guiding Principles

1) Preserve the historic, “small town” character.
2) Promote a vibrant, safe, and active Downtown.
3) Provide a high level of government services.  
4) Support responsible growth and economic development.
5) Promote Cedarburg as a tourist destination.
6) Provide a safe, healthy, and inclusive community.
7) Provide quality educational and recreational opportunities for all.
8) Preserve and provide community open spaces, natural areas, and accessible parks and trails.
9) Collaborate and develop partnerships with neighboring communities and local organizations to deliver quality programs, facilities, and services in a fiscally responsible manner. 

Council Members

NameTitle / DistrictTerm ExpiresPhone


April 2024

(262) 375-6330

First District

April 2024

(414) 339-3206

Second District

April 2025

(262) 751-8972

Third District

April 2024

(262) 745-5934

Fourth District

April 2025

(414) 439-3565

Fifth District

April 2024

(262) 689-6090

Sixth District

April 2025

(262) 377-7154

Seventh District

April 2024

(414) 520-0080