City Budget / Audit

The City Budget process begins in June with the Common Council setting the parameters and timeline for developing the budget for the coming year.  A public hearing on the budget is held at the first November Council meeting and is then adopted at the following meeting. The budget serves as a policy and project outline, a communication tool, and an operations plan.

The City Audit is done in March of each year with a public hearing and Common Council approval done in May/June.

In 2023 the City moved to using Cleargov budgetting software for public viewing of the annual budget.  You will find an overview of each department; including a department description, explanation of department services, any budget impact and changes, staffing information, department goals, and a justification page(s) for specific expense line items. In the appendices of the budget, you can find a schedule of existing debt & debt allocation by fund, personnel detail, utility fund cost allocations, financial policies, a fee schedule, and a glossary of terms. 

For more information on the City Budget and/or Audit please contact the City Finance Director.