For Residents



At one point in our lives, each of us comes across a place so special that we choose to make our homes along its quiet streets, open our businesses within its charming buildings and embrace and treasure its enchanting story.   We make it a place where we live and play, where we build friendships and grow families.

Whether you’re a current resident or are just moving to Cedarburg, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of a small town that serves families in a big way.

The Cedarburg School District serves more than 3,000 students at three elementary schools from grades K-5, one middle school and one high school - all of which provide an environment that prepares students for college, work and beyond. Cedarburg schools consistently achieve one of the state’s top rankings in Math, Science and Reading, with high school students achieving an average ACT score of 25.2, far surpassing state and national averages. In addition to the public school system, several private schools offer elementary education within the City of Cedarburg as well.

Our Parks and Recreation and Forestry Department includes programs for youth sports and education, playground programs, and adult fitness and education programs. Residents and businesses in Cedarburg can access City offices and services such as utilities, trash and recycling, building inspection and permits, library, senior services, and current City news.